Branding + Web design

The objective of the project was to create the visual identity and branding for BeXplorer, a team of passionate explorers and lovers of adventure sports who travel the world by boat. Sponsorship of the expedition ship should also be implemented as the company's main claim.

SOLUTION: To meet the objectives of the project, we developed a visual identity that would reflect the essence of the company, using colors and elements that would evoke adventure and exploration. The design of the sponsorship of the boat was integrated into the brand, which allowed for greater visibility in the market. A web page was also created to reflect the image of the company and a style guide was developed for future communications.

RESULT: The visual identity created for BeXplorer reflects the essence of the company and its passion for adventure and exploration. The integration of the sponsorship of the boat in the brand increased the visibility of the company in the market and the web page developed reflects the image of the company effectively. The style guide will make it possible to maintain coherence in future communication. Overall, the project achieved its goal of creating an effective visual identity and branding for BeXplorer.

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